All Star Pet Hotel and Day Care provides a safe and fun environment that will stimulate your pet’s mind and exercise their body, encouraging appropriate socialization and pro social behaviors. The health and wellness benefits of daily exercise and socialization translates into a happier, healthier pet in your home. All Star completes a mandatory, extensive evaluation prior to offering Day Care to our guests, as we promote safe off leash play, and know that not all guests may get along. Play groups are assigned with temperament, size and each guest’s needs in mind. Our indoor and outdoor play equipment is designed specifically for canine exercise and play, and well trained team members enhance our guests’ experiences. Our Day Care has great benefits to both our guests and their owners.

All Star Pet Hotel & Day Care provides overnight accommodations, day care, pet hygiene services, pet parties and pet related community events all in one amazing location.  All Star is not a traditional kennel or boarding facility. When you walk through our doors, you’ll notice that immediately. All Star has been carefully designed with your pet’s safety and comfort in mind. From our specialized indoor flooring that is safe for pet paws and easily sanitized, to our outdoor play area that is constructed with a very high grade pet safe grass. We closely monitor all heating and cooling, and our huge windows offer an abundance of natural daylight. Sound dampening building materials have been incorporated into both the indoor and outdoor play areas. Indoor play areas are able to change throughout the day, based on the needs of our guests. Our outdoor play areas are built on a specialized draining system that ensures it can be cleaned and sanitized thoroughly. Additionally, our outdoor play area is surrounded by a uniquely developed rain garden to ensure that we are good neighbors, who are mindful of our environment.

All Star Pet Hotel and Day Care is committed to using environmentally friendly products and promotes the responsible use of, and recycling of all materials as much as possible. Additionally, all team members at All Star are asked to give back to the community that has welcomed us, by engaging in approved volunteer opportunities. Team members are also encouraged to shop local and support small businesses in the area. All Star Pet Hotel and Day Care promotes the fostering and adoption of pets and is committed to providing room and board to our partnering rescue organizations while a foster pet awaits their forever home.