Can I Visit/Tour Your Hotel & Day Care?

Please do!! We want to show off our amazing place. We ask that you schedule your visit in advance. One of the reasons we are so proud of what we do is because we always put our guests first. We schedule our visits/tours when they are the least disruptive to our current guests. Click here to schedule your visit.

If my pet prefers to play with humans rather than other pets, can he/she still stay in the hotel?

Absolutely, as long as we have a room available. We have a limited number of rooms in the hotel for our more non-social guests. It is a good idea to book the room as far in advance as possible to assure availability.

What do I need to do before my first visit?

Before we can book a hotel room for your pet(s), we need a completed Enrollment Form.

Before we can host your pet(s) for day care, we will need to spend time with them to evaluate their readiness for off leash play. Please click here to schedule your visit.

If my pet is geriatric or has special needs, can he/she come to All Star Pet Hotel & Day Care?

We will do our best to accommodate all pets. Please contact us to discuss your pet’s individual needs to assure we can provide the appropriate care.

What should I pack for my pet’s stay at the hotel?

We provide everything your pet needs to be safe and comfortable, however, if your pet has a favorite bedtime buddy or toy or even a personal item of yours that would make them feel more at home, it can certainly accompany them. Please know that these items will only be allowed in their room and not in the play area(s). Please also pack enough food to last for your pet’s stay with us. House food can be provided for a charge but keeping them on their own diet is preferable.

What should I pack for my pet’s visit to Play Care?

If your pet will be with us during their normal meal time, please send that meal with them. We do have house food available for a charge, but it is always best for your pet to eat what they are used to.