All Star Pet Hotel & Day Care offers a variety of overnight accommodations based on your pet’s size, disposition, and special needs as you entrust us with your pet. Hotel options include a number of suites to choose from, and specialty rooms designed for your pet’s safety. Each room includes a high quality orthopedic bed and soft blanket for your pet’s comfort. Evening turn down services include soothing music and aroma therapy. Services include the use of environmentally friendly sanitation products, and strict housekeeping procedures to keep our guests safe. Meals are based on your pet’s habits at home, using food that you provide to lessen any issues with tummy aches related to changing your pet’s diet. Specialty treats are an add-on option, and most medications administered by you, can be administered by our staff per your instructions. We also encourage you to bring any transitional item for your pet during their stay. A bed, a special toy, and even an owner’s shirt can be helpful if your pet in not accustomed to overnights outside of your home. Hotel guests that have gone through our Evaluation process are welcome to engage in our day care activities.

All Star Pet Hotel and Day Care has a non-discrimination policy, allowing us to provide services for nearly all breeds and temperaments of our guests. All Star makes accommodations for our hotel guests that cannot participate in off leash play for health or safety reasons. If your pet loves people, but is not fond of other pets, we have that covered too. Those guests have their accommodations in a different area of the hotel and are allowed individual exercise and plenty of play opportunities with staff.

All Star Pet Hotel and Day Care has separate hotel accommodation for our feline guests. This is a spacious, well-insulated, comfortable area which includes natural light, a play area, stimulating activity options, a cat condo and a number of sleeping options. This space is also be offered to our more exotic pet populations as needed.