Guest Services

Please allow us to host your pet when they need overnight care. We recognize how difficult this experience can be for some pets and their owners. We assure you, we consistently make every effort to make your pet’s stay an enjoyable experience for them and for you.

Canine Hotel

Room$68 night
Suite$78 night
Grand Suite$99 night

Every room has a raised, Kuranda bed and soft blanket.

Pre-evaluated dogs who are interested will be included in our day time play-care activities.

The Feline Residence

Suite$68 night

It is so big and fabulous, there is only room for one! Our feline flat is a huge room that will be exclusive to your cat(s)!

Pocket Pet/Exotics

Please contact one of our guest service coordinators to discuss what we can do for you.

Fur family members sharing a room will receive a 20% discount per night.

Every guest receives personalized, turndown service, including a bed-time snack

Hotel cancellation fee is $30 for reservations canceled less than 72 hours in advanced.

Hotel stays are based on a 24 hour time frame. If your pet checks in at 8:00am, their check out time will be 8:00am on their departure date. Any time past the 24 hour time frame will be charged at our day care rate rather than an additional night.

Dog Day Care

Put even more love and fun into pet ownership. Let your dog be a dog with others of like
sizes and temperaments.

Full Day

Over 5 hours – $49 per visit

Extra Needs Day Care – $55 per visit

Half Day

3-5 hours – $33 per visit

Extra Needs Day Care – $38 per visit

Take a Break

Under 3 hours – $28 per visit


Half Day

10 Days$313 
15 Days$470 
20 Days$627 
25 Days


30 Days$940 

Full Day

10 Days$465 
15 Days$698 
20 Days$931 
25 Days$1,164 
30 Days$1,397 

Packages must be used within 90 days of purchase.

Prior to a reservation, we must have your furry family member meet with one of our Pet Care Specialists to determine if he/she will benefit from a group play experience. This is not a pass/fail assessment. If it is determined our play care groups are not a good fit for your pet, our Pet Care Specialist will partner with you to determine an alternative plan.

Super Stars
in the Making

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